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LTO Network - Functional Layers

Functional layers

Decentralized applications

Organizations participate in distributed applications via their node, without the need for a central system.

Distributed data processing

Data is shared peer-to-peer between the nodes of specific participants, never with the whole network.


All nodes are connected via the public blockchain, facilitating consensus and data integrity.

LTO Network - Private Chain
LTO Network - Public Chain

Hybrid blockchain

LTO Network allows two or more businesses to share and agree upon sequences of events. Event sharing is done peer-to-peer, without relying on an authoritative party.

The limited number of parties involved present a challenge when dealing with conflicts. A majority, if it can be formed at all, can't provide an unbiased decision.

Rather than re-introducing authorization on the network, parties reach consensus by leveraging on our public proof-of-stake blockchain. Anchoring of the hash of private events happens on the public chain.

Blocks of the public chain have a specific height, and transactions within a block are also ordered. This order provides a globally recognized sequence of events, which is used to reach consensus on the private chain.

A hybrid blockchain means private data, public consensus.

Inside an LTO Node

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Rest Api Layer
Api Gateway
Application Layer
Event Chain Service
Additional services
Private Chain Layer
Global Chain Layer
Anchoring Service

Event Chain Service

The Event Chain Service holds all ad hoc private blockchains an organization is involved in.

  • One node holds many ad hoc blockchains. (similar to git repositories).
  • Fully decoupled.
  • Configurable allowing it to interact to any microservice added to the application layer.
Run a node

Run a node

Set up a node on your local machine or in the cloud. It only takes minutes.

Stake LTO

Stake LTO

Become a validator on mainnet and share the deflationary network rewards.

Get involved

Get involved

Chat, discuss, participate.
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